March Visit to Uganda

kla_morningI was given the opportunity in March to fly to Uganda to create a short film for the African Children’s Choir.

I was excited to work with a great organization, and blessed to have the opportunity to return to our home and connect with friends face to face. Unfortunately I only had 7 days to accomplish everything!


Filming at the African Children’s Choir school.

The African Children’s Choir is an organization assisting impoverished youth to attain a quality education they would not otherwise be afforded. The film shows where a choir member, Peace, used to live and how participating in the choir and attending their school has changed her life. Peace’s story is told alongside the story of Elsa, who was part of the very first choir back in 1983, and because of the opportunities through the Choir is now working to impact change in Uganda.


Posing with the star of the show, Peace.

Peace and Elsa are amazing individuals who did a great job articulating their story and inviting all of us to join in the work of educating the future change makers in Uganda!


Click this image to watch the 5 minute film!

While in Kampala for the week, I grabbed every opportunity to meet with friends and catch up. When I wrapped up filming, I picked up our car and began the 5 hour journey to Mbarara early Sunday morning. I rolled into town just as Church was starting and enjoyed gathering with good friends again.

After the service I drove an hour south to the refugee settlement to greet the women Betsy has been working with. It was encouraging to see them face to face and I was able to share a short video of Betsy greeting them and reinforcing that we are working to return and continue partnering with them.

A few hours later I drove back up to Mbarara to fellowship with close friends and spend the night at our house. It was fun to be in our home again and see it was being well taken care of. Every plant seemed to be twice the size, grass had finally grown, and some small bushes turned out to be fruit bearing!


Boys at the African Children’s Choir school playing football.

The next day, Monday, I drove the 5 hours back to Kampala and caught my flight out that night. Getting on the plane, I was completely exhausted.


Being goofy with a bunch of the African Children’s Choir kids.

I feel overwhelmingly blessed with the opportunity of being back in Uganda, even for a brief time. The entire trip was a refreshing reminder that this was the location and work God has for us and we can’t wait to return!

Below are a few of my favorite shots from the trip. Click to enlarge.


2 thoughts on “March Visit to Uganda

  1. Great update, amazing photos and video!

    I’m just getting over a crazy mystery illness that kept me feeling ill for a week and then in bed for almost another week…crazy. I’m feeling better thankfully and am looking at mail, praying bills, etc… Your PO Box fee came due at the end of June. I went ahead and paid the $50 for the year but our budget is tight right now and I have to pay our PO Box fee by the end of this month…is there anyway you guys can swing paying for part or all of that fee? How are you guys doing financially?

    I know you guys are starting your summer job soon…or maybe you’ve already started it? We are praying for you and love you…let’s try to connect soon via phone call or video chat.

    Happy 4th! ~Rose

  2. Hey Guys!

    I hope the summer time is going well and camp is amazing! Thanks for the update, great job! Praying for you.

    David O.

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