African Children’s Choir

A few weeks ago while visiting family in Phoenix, AZ we had the chance to meet up with the kids of Choir 42 of the African Childrens Choir.  We got to know them while we were in Uganda as Micah stayed with them for three days and filmed an intro video for their tour.


We stopped in to see them before the show and they loved seeing Porter again.

All the children come from impoverished and at-risk situations and few would ever have a chance at an education.  The organization takes them on a world tour and raise sponsorship for themselves and thousands of other children across Africa to receive scholarships for free or subsidized education.  It’s a fantastic organization and the kids are truly amazing young people!


Here is the video I created to intro their performance.  It was filmed at or around the children’s actual homes to help the audience get a better understanding of where the kids come from.  The score was written and performed by a former choir member specifically for this video.

Check out their tour schedule and see if they are coming to a city near you!


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