Where we have been…

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Well first of all, we clearly have neglected this blog 😦  But we have a refreshed design and will be to posting things on a regular basis again.

So where have we been?  Well, we returned to the States in June and have traveled around the country visiting friends and family, catching up on life and letting Porter meet his extended family for the first time! These are the numbers:

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It’s been an encouraging time of reconnecting and we are trying to enjoy this season of being with people we miss so much when we are across the ocean.

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Our biggest news is that in June we were officially appointed with World Venture as missionaries doing Business as Missions!  They have been an amazing organization to partner with and we love the relationships we have already built with the World Venture family.  We are set to return to Uganda in February for at least the next two years. We are thankful for this new partnership and opportunity to continue our work in Uganda.sleeping_car

We are currently meeting with people to share our story and what God is doing with us in Uganda.  We can’t do this work alone and are looking for people who would like to partner with us.  If you or your small group would be interested in hearing about what God is up to in Uganda, we would love to connect with you!

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2 thoughts on “Where we have been…

  1. Dear Micah, Betsy, Porter,

    You are so welcome here during your time in Michigan November 23 to December 17. I’m one of the 90-year-olds who celebrated her birthday in October when Father Jim DK promised he would take you to my condo.

    Suggest a time?

    Glad you’re officially accepted by World Venture for going back to Uganda for two years. I may not be able to add to your contributed funds, but I would like to see you three so I can remember you and pray for you.

    Looking forward to some alternate dates from you – I know you will celebrate Grandma Betsy’s 91st birthday near to her date on December 13 when she will be 91. Didn’t Micah call the last time you were in GR?


    Aunt Thea


    December 13 when she wi

  2. The wife and I actually moved to Phoenix from Tucson and would love to have you guys over for dinner while you are in town. Shoot me an email and let me know what works best for your schedule and we’ll make something work. Also, I’m sure you probably have plans made, but if you guys need a place to stay we have an extra bedroom.

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