Porter’s Birthday

We moved to the capital on September 10th, once I was full term, to make sure we were near the hospital to await Porter’s arrival, expected on October 4th. We were blessed with having a friend who is a Canadian OB living in Mbarara and she agreed to deliver our baby in Kampala. Dr. Lauren, her husband and their 2 year old arrived in Kampala to stay with us on September 17th. Having a baby in Uganda posed some risks, but also had great perks like living with your OB! It was such a gift! Not only did we have Dr. Lauren, but were introduced to Julianne a month ago who is a missionary here in Uganda, but was a labor and delivery nurse in the States for five years. She agreed to assist with the delivery, but was leaving for Kenya on October 3rd for a conference. We were praying that Baby DeKorne would come early so both Dr. Lauren and Julianne could be there to deliver.

porter_birth 003

Our prayers were answered! I went into early labor on Saturday morning, September 28th and went to the hospital at midnight.  We checked in to the hospital with Dr. Lauren and Julianne as my consultant doctors. We had already arranged with the OB doctor at the hospital to have Dr. Lauren actually deliver our baby. However, the Ugandan OB was on call if I needed. Active labor started on Sunday morning at 7am and things were going smooth. I had wanted an epidural at around 10:30, but being Uganda, the anesthesiologist wasn’t available for at least another hour. At that point, I knew I wasn’t going to have one, as it would only prolong things.  Dr. Lauren and Julianne were confident I didn’t need one and wanted to keep the birth as intervention free as possible to minimize risk. Thankfully things progressed quickly and we met our son, Porter Boudewyn DeKorne at 12:30pm on Sunday, September 29th! Micah was an incredible coach and we were so thankful to have a natural, uncomplicated delivery and healthy baby boy! It was also so FUN not knowing the gender of our baby ahead of time. We were so beyond blessed to have our own doctor and nurse with us through it all. Thank you Dr. Lauren and Julianne for sharing your expertise with us to bring Porter into this world!

porter_birth 004

The Name

A few years ago while camping at Brainard Lake in Colorado, Micah and I met a little toddler and his mom by the lake. We chatted with them and found out his name was Porter. We just loved the name and had said then, that if we ever have a son we wanted to name him Porter. Years later when we got pregnant we still loved the name  and all of our memories camping in Colorado 🙂

His middle name Boudewyn is after Micah’s great great grandfather Boudewyn DeKorne.  Boudewyn was the first in the DeKorne family to immigrate from the Netherlands to the United States.  He was a strong Godly man and talented wood worker.  Some of his carvings are even in the Smithsonian in DC.  He left a great legacy in the family and we wanted our son to carry on his name.  Were finding Micah has a bit of Boudewyn’s passion for woodworking too!


We are blessed to have a healthy baby boy and will be posting more pictures soon!


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