Wrapping up.

Tutapona 015 Two weeks ago we wrapped up our first trauma rehabilitation program in Nakivale. Micah and I were able to be there for the first day and the last. Tutapona staff that live in Nakivale conduct the trainings in the local language. It was amazing to be there on the final day and gather stories and testimonies from the program participants. Over the two-week program over 60 refugees attended regularly and 42 gave their life to Christ.

The most incredible part of the afternoon was when they put on a drama for the Tutapona staff as a thank you. The drama highlighted the journey of many of the Congolese women, beginning with their life in Congo, being attacked by militia men, fleeing their homes and arriving at the refugee settlement. The drama ended with a joyous celebration of song and dance for all that they gained through Tutapona’s program. Words can’t really describe the experience of sitting under a tree and watching an entire community act out the journey they have been on together from being attacked by rebels, fleeing their country and home and beginning a new life as refugees in Uganda. It was one of the most meaningful experiences I have ever had here in East Africa. Thankyou_02

After the celebration we spent a couple of hours meeting with people to document their stories. They were so inspirational. We will be sharing them in the coming weeks on Tutapona’s social media outlets.betsyworking 001

August has been a pretty sweet month. We are filled with thankfulness to be here!Tutapona 014


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