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For years the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo has weighed heavily on our hearts. It has not only been a focus within our personal life but also what I spent years studying in graduate school. Last year, while in East Africa, God laid it on our hearts to move to Southwest Uganda to work with Congolese Refugees. We had such utter peace about this decision that we returned back to the States for four months and raised support for this next year to “work with Congolese refugees” in Uganda. God never revealed what kind of work we would do or how, but we knew to “GO”. And because so many of you supported us without really any concrete plans we were able to move here in March. Over the past few months God faithfully opened door after door and has directed us clearly to partner with Tutapona, bringing trauma rehabilitation programs to refugees in Nakivale Refugee Settlement.

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Today, we traveled two hours on an incredibly bumpy dirt road to Nakivale and arrived in the Congolese village of Kasasa to begin Tutapona’s very first trauma rehabilitation program in Nakivale. Micah and I sat next to each other under a tree with nearly 100 Congolese gathered. He leaned over and whispered “can you believe we are here, working with Congolese refugees?!” It was such a surreal moment. A moment our hearts have longed for for years. And we are just in awe of God’s faithfulness. We are beyond blessed to be able to work together in Uganda, partner with an organization that is bringing hope, healing and Jesus, and to be working with people so dear to our hearts. tutapona 015

tutapona 017As we drove back from Nakivale, we were FULL. Full of thankfulness, joy, and awe! tutapona 019

Thank you for joining us on this enormous leap of faith this past year. We hope you can rejoice with us on this special day of all that God has done.


4 thoughts on “FULL

  1. So cool!!! Way to walk in faith and hallelujah, God is awesome 🙂 love you both. So full of joy with you. Miss your faces!

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