34 hours in the hospital…

On Friday night around 2am I woke up with severe pain below my ribcage. I contacted my mom and doctor and came to the conclusion that is was most likely Gallbladder Stones and just hoped the attack would end soon. After 6 hours of consecutive pain along with vomiting and no sleep we decided to head to the hospital Friday morning around 8am. Thankfully we had our own car so we could get their quickly!

hospital 001 (1)

Shortly after checking into the hospital

We checked in and they put me on an IV drip within 30 minutes because I was severely dehydrated. They stabilized the pain and a few hours later I went in for a scan to check on the baby and to see what was causing all of the pain. Thankfully the baby is fine but I do in fact have gallbladder stones. There is nothing they can do about the stones other than surgically remove them, but that is not an option since I am pregnant. I just have to change my diet and pray another attack doesn’t happen.

hospital 002

You can see the nice bed on the floor where Micah spent the night 🙂

They kept me in the hospital for two days because of my dehydration as I couldn’t keep any water or juice down. On Saturday afternoon I was finally feeling better and able to drink juice. We were discharged from the hospital around 7pm Saturday.

hospital 001

Feeling much better and ready to go home!

It was an intense and painful couple days but we are thankful to be on the other end of it. We are thankful to have been in Kampala when the attack happened to have the best medical care possible in Uganda. We have an appointment with our OB tomorrow to make sure everything is good with the baby. Then back to Mbarara on Tuesday!


One thought on “34 hours in the hospital…

  1. Thank you Jesus for watching over Betsy, Micah and your other kid you’re creating….
    May the life you desire be manifest in great glory at it’s due time!

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