Birthday BBQ

On Monday night we had new friends in Mbarara over to celebrate Micah’s big 30th birthday. His birthday is Thursday but  we are celebrating his birthday week 🙂

It was so fun to host people, cook out, have a fire and fellowship with our new community!

30th_party 02230th_party 025 30th_party 023 30th_party 024 30th_party 027 30th_party 028 30th_party 029 Including kids we had 20 people over! We feel so blessed to be a part of such a great community already!


6 thoughts on “Birthday BBQ

  1. So good to see these photos and know God is loving on you guys through other people. I’m totally jealous that we are missing out on fun get togethers with you guys! But God is so good to provide the community you need. He did it for us here in New Castle and He’s doing it for you guys in Mbarara 🙂 Love you guys!

  2. 1. Did you use the solar cookers to make that cake? haha
    2. I call my birthday week “Katiepalooza” so I’m glad to hear that Micah got a week to his birthday too!

    Miss you both so so much!

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