A city to call home

Mbarara… the land flowing with milk and honey… well mainly milk (no seriously, it has the largest number of milk processing plants in Uganda).  Yes, it’s our new home for the next year or so… but why?

mbarara_town 001

^ The view of Mbarara from the house

As you know, our goal is to work with, empower, and build community with Congolese refugees.  Mbarara happens to be the closest significant town to both refugee resettlements we will be working in.  Not to mention it being the headquarters for most NGO work in southwest Uganda.

But it’s not simply a strategic location for a work.  It also has an amazing community of believers that have already made us feel welcome and at home.

We are house-sitting the next couple months while we look for our own place. The house is in a beautiful location and in the same neighborhood as many new friends! The house itself is spacious and comfortable and we are so thankful for the opportunity to stay here. Did we mention the house also has 14 dogs? Yes, 14. However 10 of them are one week old Great Dane puppies. We are greeted by the dad, Vitor, each morning.

dogs 001

^ Betsy’s new friend Vitor.

We are beginning to get into a work rhythm as I continue to work on videos for Designed4 and Betsy is getting plugged into Tutapona’s work. We are excited about finally being in a town we can call home to start engaging with the work before us.

Last night we had the privilege of taking in a new born baby that was abandoned at the police station in town. She was only 3 days old and they needed a place for her to stay for the night. God gave us a little crash course on having a new born! Thankfully she took a bottle with no problem, fed every 3 hours and slept like an angel. The social worker from Watato Baby House drove from Kampala this morning to pick her up. We have had a desire to be able to serve in foster care here and while the situation was tragic, we are thankful for the opportunity to open our home to kids in need. We are now on several lists as contacts for abandoned babies here in Mbarara.

naomi 001

^ The baby taking her first bottle like a pro.

It has been a busy first five days in Mbarara and it’s beginning to feel like home!


4 thoughts on “A city to call home

  1. Whew! I’m so glad you guys are “young!” Hallelujah! Micah, you look like a natural with that wee little one. 14 dogs! wow…enjoy. prayers and blessings, Joan & Patrick

  2. That’s so neat that you’ve already gotten on lists to take care of abandoned babies! I want to do that! So proud of you guys and looking forward to hopefully visiting this fall! Love and miss you guys.

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