Direction, answers and a new city

We have been in Kampala the past couple weeks and while it has been a while since we last posted, there is no shortage of exciting things happening here! We have been waiting the past 2 weeks for details to come together and are now excited to announce we have a partnering organization to work with in the refugee camps!!

A few weeks ago we met up with Carl and Julie Gaede for some coffee after a mutual friend connected us. The Gaedes lead an organization called Tutapona (Swahili for “we will heal”) that offers a trauma counseling and rehabilitation program to those affected by war.  For the past 6 years they have successfully been working in northern Uganda seeing God do great things through their program.  Last year, they felt God leading them to expand their program to the refugee settlements in Southwest Uganda, where we want to work.  They pursued the tedious 5 month process to get approval from the UN and Ugandan government to work in the settlements and finally got approved in April.

They invited us to travel to Gulu with them for a couple of days to see their program first hand. It was nothing short of incredible. We haven’t seen anything like what they are doing. Bringing healing, forgiveness and restoration to war affected populations. After spending time witnessing their program, meeting their Ugandan staff and spending time with Julie and Carl we knew we wanted to be a part of what they are doing.

After a week of praying and discerning God’s will we all felt peace about moving forward in partnership. We will be moving to Mbarara this month to assist in the expansion of their programs in Southwest Uganda, working with Congolese, Sudanese and Somali refugees in Nakivale. I will be working on field coordination, logistics and communications. Micah will assist in visual communication and continue the work of Designed4.

Uganda Map

Watch a brief Introduction video Micah made for Tutapona after our trip to Gulu

We are beyond excited to be partnering with Tutapona and to begin our work with the refugee community. In moving to Uganda, we were confident in God leading us here, but we were unclear of where we would live and work. This past month has been full of direction and God’s faithfulness. Through Tutapona we will be a part of bringing healing and restoration to Congolese refugees.

Learn more at


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