Almost there!

We knew from the beginning that God would have to provide in a big way if our move to Uganda was to become a reality.  So He did!  Although we booked our plane tickets as soon as we had the money and left the states with only half our goal raised, in one month we are nearly fully funded!  A huge thanks to so many ridiculously generous people who have partnered with us financially.

We only need another $50 a month to reach our monthly support goal.

matatu 001

The major expense we did not anticipate until later down the road is a vehicle. We are now understanding how important a vehicle is to get where we need to safely.  Both the realization that the refugee camps are not easily accessible by public transportation, and the news of our baby, made the need for a personal vehicle more pressing.

We are currently in need of $5,000 to afford a reliable and safe vehicle that can manage the “roads” here.  Unfortunately Uganda has an extremely high import tax on all vehicles, making them nearly twice as much as they would cost in the States.  We are currently looking at 1998-1999 Subaru Forester, Toyota Rav4, or Mitsubishi Pajero iO.


We are hoping to purchase the vehicle in the next month while we are here in Kampala.  This would make our move to southwest Uganda much more safe, and allow us to begin making connections in the refugee camps soon.

Would you consider becoming a financial partner by signing up as a monthly supporter or donating towards the purchase of a vehicle? We would be extremely grateful! Simply click on the “Donate” page and make a donation there. We will keep you informed of our fundraising progress!

Thank you for your continued support, prayers, and encouragement!!


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