If you find yourself in east Africa, and are of caucasian decent, you will be referred to as a Mzungu – literally translated as “one who wanders aimlessly” (think of the perception of the first European explorers to Africa).

Over the last few years, I’ve given quite a bit of thought to the importance of living in community and intentionally growing relationships with those around us.

Yet my life has been lived out of a suitcase for nearly a year now.  Just last week, we traveled from Kisoro to Mbarara, a 6 hour bus ride, stayed a few days and then traveled 5 more hours to Kampala.  We stayed 1 day before taking another 2 hour bus ride east to Jinja.  Stayed a few days there to celebrate Betsy’s birthday and then bussed it back to Kampala.  Two days ago we drove 5 hours with some friends to Gulu (an organization called Tutapona – more on them later) and then the 6 hour bus ride back today.

wandering 001 (1)

Although this past week was especially travel heavy, it wasn’t too far out of the ordinary.  Our less-than-year-old passports already have several pages filled with stamps and visas for a handful of countries.

Don’t get me wrong, I have loved the adventures we’ve had and the people we have met, but I know there is a deep part of life that has been lacking.  I am growing less and less fond of packing and repacking and packing again.  But even more than that, I am missing community.  We are blessed with great family and friends back home (if your reading this you’re probably one of them – you rock by the way) and have felt tremendously supported on our journey.  What we have lacked is a regular church family to grow with, or a place to call our home, or a regular rhythm to life.  Our great desire is for God to specify a location soon so we can connect as community members there.

Yet I know I will never fully live up to the Mzugu name.  For my wanderings are not aimless.  I’m on a journey intentionally designed to bring me closer to the One leading me… not simply closer to a destination.

* Photo taken in Northern Michigan… not Uganda.


One thought on “Mzungu

  1. ah ha. May the Lord meet you wherever you are, and keep you close to Him and His family as you go where He leads you. Meanwhile, we’ve got your back! love to you both!

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