easter13_ 001

We arrived in Kisoro Saturday night just in time for Easter celebrations Sunday.  We walked to church with Clair and Charlotte (our UK friends we are staying with) and really enjoyed worshiping with Ugandans again.

easter13_ 002

After church we ran into town and picked up a case of soda as our contribution for lunch.  We were invited over to the neighbors house; a family from Germany working in Kisoro with micro finance.  They have three daughters, know english, and are lots of fun!  Two families from the church also joined us; including Immaculate and Herbert, one of our favorite Ugandan couples.  There was good food and lots of laughter.  After Lunch we played a few games and sang some songs.  It was a great time of building new friendships.


easter13_ 004

Sunday evening we were invited to the Bishops house for dinner.  It was good to reconnect with him and his wife, and again we had more good food.



easter13_ 003

We hope your Easter was filled with joy in celebrating our risen Lord!




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