March Madness: Finally in Uganda

We are back in Uganda!  Tuesday night we touched down in the country we will call home for the foreseeable future.  We were met with a warm rain as we exited the plane and much to our relief, all 6 plastic bins of our checked luggage were waiting for us in the terminal.

Rick and Val Persenaire picked us up at the airport and drove us to their home just outside of Kampala.  As founders of Ugandan Orphanage Relief fund, they live in Uganda a few months out of the year and invited us to live in their extra guest bedroom whenever we are in Kampala.  Our little blue room will serve as a perfect home base as we begin establishing ourselves in Uganda.

room_ 001

The last few weeks in the states were emotionally exhausting; making lots of little decisions, working through logistics, and saying good bye to people we deeply love.  Though the next few months will hold more decisions and logistics, there is a sense of calm and relief here.

We are excited to begin our life here!  Many things are different than what we are used to in the States, yet it already feels strangely like home.


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