A Video on Our Next Chapter

We are beyond excited to be moving to Uganda this March!

Watch this video to get the full story and you can check out the other tabs on our site to get more information!

2 thoughts on “A Video on Our Next Chapter

  1. Just watched your newest update video on what your doing next! SOOO excited for you and what God has for you as a couple. Please feel free to reach out anytime you want, for any reason, if either Light Gives Heat, or my wife and I can be of any service. Remember… it’s really normal people like you and I who get this amazing chance to change the world! Thanks for being an example to tons of people! Keep rockin it!
    Grace and Peace,

    • Thank you Dave! We are so thankful to have met all of you in Jinja and see the work of LGH. Thanks for your support! We look forward to seeing your team again!

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