Visiting AMCC for a few days

We were missing the kids and staff at AMCC so we decided to head to the children’s home on Thursday afternoon and stay until Saturday. We spent 10 days here in August and hadn’t been back yet. We called Pastor John, the head of AMCC on Thursday morning and asked if we could come visit, he said we were most welcome. It is about a 3 hour journey on public transportation from Nairobi. We left in the afternoon and arrived around 5:30pm. The drive was breathtaking as we sat in the front of the mutatu. We were just in awe of the beauty around us as the evening sun painted an orange light on everything around us. 

Pastor had been gone all day so the kids had no idea that we were coming. It was so fun to show up and surprise them! They were shocked to see us and so excited! They were jumping on us, clapping and shouting. It was by far one of the best greetings ever and will remain one of the highlights of our trip so far.

We spent the evening hanging out with the kids, showing them pictures of our travels, reading the newspaper under the dim light of the lanterns, worshipping together and ended the evening sharing dinner. It felt good to be here, kind of like home 🙂

These kids really are incredible. Being here puts so many things in perspective. Everything revolves around God and praising Him. We truly love these kids and staff and are thankful for the opportunity to be here again. We have been traveling so much it feels good to have a familiar place and true relationships here in East Africa.


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