Gettin’ Real

We are over half way through our trip here to East Africa, we have five weeks left. We can’t believe how fast it has gone! God continues to stir our hearts. There is a rawness living life here.

I have felt a need to be more honest on this blog, share more of our journey from a heart level, rather than just fun highlights. We have spent a lot of time reflecting on all that God has done in our lives and the journey we have been on together. We know that God is faithful and that He is glorified in the ups and the downs.

About a month ago I applied for a job here in Nairobi with an US based non-profit. I made it through the first two rounds and then interviewed last week. We are waiting to hear back this week if I got the job. I didn’t want to share this because if I didn’t get the job, I didn’t want everyone to know 🙂 But alas, it has been playing a large part in our conversations and life here, so I thought I would share it. My heart is heavy, waiting to here if I will get a job after many let downs over the past few years, and to see if we will be moving to Kenya. There are so many unknowns, while most days it’s exciting for us, at times it is exhausting. But God is faithful and we will continue to walk by faith on this grand journey.

Some of you might know Micah and I’s desire to adopt from Africa. It has been on our hearts for years, probably before we even met each other. We have been praying for our “kids” since we were married. We have wanted to meet our kids “organically” while living in Africa, have a local adoption, and raise them here if possible. Since being here we have learned more about the orphan crisis. For instance there is a difference between a “single” and “double” orphan.  It’s referring to if a child has lost one parent or both. In the U.S. when we say orphan, we mean a child who has lost both parents. Here orphan could simply mean a single parent home, it is a bit misleading. I knew this, but what I didn’t know was that the majority of children in children’s homes are single orphans, meaning they still have a living parent. This obviously has many implications, most importantly the way to discuss and address international adoption and the orphan crisis.  Few seem to be fighting to keep families together. It has been rolling around in my head and heart since we got here a few months ago. I know it is such a sensitive subject, so I am working on formulating an eloquent response to what I am learning here.

We are praying about going to Uganda next week and finding our way to a Congolese refugee camp in Uganda, on the border of the DRC. We have been learning, praying and talking about the war in the Congo for years, and we feel that we need to go and meet people affected by the war and hear their stories first hand. Please join us in praying for connections in the camps, places to stay, etc.

We are so blessed to be on this journey in East Africa, launching a business together, and digging into the passions the Lord has given us, for better and worse. A quote from Becky Straw, one of the founders of The Adventure Project, speaks to the state of my heart better than any words I could scrounge up at this point. (Read her full article here)

“I experienced that feeling that hits you in the gut, and you know you’ll never be able to live blissfully ignorant again.”


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