It’s been awhile

To say we haven’t blogged in a while is an understatement. It’s been almost 9 months, but who is counting. It has been a busy 9 months and a lot has happened in our lives. So this post is to catch you up briefly and then the next post will be covering our recent vacation to Michigan.

Okay, Ready.Set.GO.

In January, I met with the University of Denver and Micah and I decided that I would go back to school for the Spring quarter to finish my Master’s. That was a major life decision!

In January and February we both lost a grandparent. Micah’s grandfather Jack DeKorne, passed away unexpectedly. He left a wonderful legacy in the DeKorne family, which I am proud to be a part of. I lost my grandma in February unexpectedly which was also very difficult. She was a wonderful woman, who is missed dearly.

In March we went on vacation to Florida with our good friends the Pavlak’s.  We went a couple of days early to see my Uncle Brian and Aunt Amy. They live on a canal in Florida and while out kayaking, we saw a manatee!! It was because I was singing my manatee song 🙂 He swam right up to us, so amazing!

After staying with my Aunt and Uncle, we headed to the other side of the state to spend the week with the Rubin Family. We had a blast on the beach with the Rubins and even more eventful nights at the Condo. They were so generous. We made memories that will last a lifetime, including a pretty amazing synchronized swimming routine 🙂

The Rubin Family!

I turned 25 in April. Yes, 25. Since I was in school and didn’t have time to celebrate, we decided to do something memorable and meaningful. Micah and I set out to raise $2,500 in 25 days for the Big 25 to bring clean water to people in India through a well mechanics program. We did it, raising $3,500! It was truly amazing, we are so blessed to know so many wonderful people who are so supportive of us. You can read more about the campaign here.

Below is an example of Micah’s brilliant graphic design work that he did for the campaign.

My last quarter of grad school actually began while we were on vacation, so I had some catching up to do! It was a busy quarter, taking 18 credit hours. Micah was an amazing, supportive husband. It was a whirlwind! I FINALLY graduated in June with my Master’s in International Administration. My mom and sister flew out and Micah threw me a party. It was such a special day, and I am so thankful to be done with school!!


Micah turned the Big 28 in May! Of course it was finals week, so once again we couldn’t really celebrate.  For his birthday I rented him a BMW bike to take up in the mountains for the day. He got to spend the day on an adventure, and I got to write papers 🙂 We did celebrate once I was done with school.

Micah shot two weddings in the past 9 months! My good friend Nikki’s in Michigan and our friend James’ in Arkansas. He did a phenomenal job, of course. It was super fun! He also launched his new photography website! Sadly, it was hacked so he is currently rebuilding it, but you can still check it out here. It will be up and running again soon!

Nikki and Steve:








James and Jessa’s Wedding:

We went on a 2 week vacation in July to Michigan and Wisconsin, that will be the next post.

Since last October, Micah has been working at Apple, Valet, and doing photography. He is crazy busy, but working hard to provide for us. He is amazing and I am so thankful for his hard work and sacrifice over that last year so that I could finish school and his graciousness with me not having a job.

I am on the job search. Looking for jobs in international development, human rights, etc. We are excited for what is next!

It’s GOOD to be back!


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