A Very Married Christmas

This year was our first Christmas together, if you didn’t gather that from my ever so witty title. We stayed here in Denver and had a quiet, restful, wonderful Christmas.

The month started with weekly Advent dinners at our friends house, which was extremely meaningful to truly reflect on the Christmas story. It was our first time doing it, and not worrying about travel helped us be fully present in the advent season. God did super awesome things in our hearts.

We also got our tree the beginning of December. I had always cut down the tree in Michigan with my dad and family the day after Thanksgiving. I have such fond memories of cutting down our own tree, walking forever, putting mittens on trees we liked, debating, and finally cutting down the perfect tree. I told Micah I really wanted to cut down our first Christmas tree. We found a tree farm about an hour away and decided we would make an afternoon of it. We loaded up the car with our good friends the Pavlaks and our dogs. We got to the farm, and found a tiny lot, maybe an acre, of less than impressive trees. They asked if we wanted to take the hay ride through. I was like “really?” I can walk this in approximately 30 seconds. Putting my bad attitude aside, we went out to find our trees. We found a few that would suffice, the nicest trees didn’t have tags on them, maybe they were being saved for next season. We went to cut down the trees, and they were $55! WHAT!? Yeah, 55. I don’t think we ever paid more than $20, and mind you, the trees were no taller than 5 1/2 feet. We didn’t have a choice at this point, and decided our first tree would be perfect regardless. We cut them down, had some hot chocolate, and traveled back to Denver. On the way home, Micah decided we weren’t buying ornaments for our tree, because we already spent too much. So when we returned to Denver, we got a stack of paper, went to the Pavlaks and proceeded to cut out snowflakes for our tree for the rest of the night 🙂

A few days later, Micah conceded and we bought a few more ornaments to add some color. We enjoyed the week setting up our tree, decorating, and putting up stockings while listening to Christmas music.

The Finished Product!

We love our short fat first Christmas tree!

Christmas day we woke up and baked coffee cake from scratch. Opened up stocking gifts and enjoyed Wisconsin cheese and sausage my mom had sent in a Christmas care package. We decided its a new tradition. We were overwhelmed with the generosity of people this Christmas. After opening gifts and taking a good friend to the airport we headed over to the Starr’s.

We enjoyed the afternoon with our Denver family, food, games, laughter, and fellowship. We stayed there until midnight. Thank you Starr’s for inviting us to spend Christmas with your family. It was so special for us. An amazing first Christmas!

!st annual cheesy christmas card photo shoot… Enjoy the outtakes!


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