Go Pack GO!

As a previous post stated… we went to Wisconsin. I grew up in Wisconsin and was raised as a Packer fan. It’s almost impossible to live in Wisconsin and not be a Packer fanatic. I moved to Arizona when I was 13 but continued to follow them, even in Denver. Micah, was fortunate enough to marry into a Packer family and we have enjoyed watching them together. Part of Micah’s wedding present to me was personalized Packer jerseys with our last name on them and the year we were married.

I always dreamed of seeing the Packers play at Lambeau Field. We met Molly and Nick while watching a Packer game here in Denver. We became friends quickly, Molly provided means for my trophy wife lifestyle, see previous post. Molly and Nick invited us to come back with them for a Packer Game at Lambeau. Molly’s parents live in Green Bay and opened their home to us. My mom also recently moved back to Wisconsin. Micah and I just couldn’t refuse an offer and opportunity like this! So we went!

Might I also add that this was Micah’s FIRST time to Wisconsin… and he received the full experience!



A huge thanks goes out to Mom and Steve for their hospitality and love, as well as to Mr. and Mrs. Osadjan for their generosity and hospitality! It was an amazing trip and we are looking forward to our next visit. GO PACK GO!


3 thoughts on “Go Pack GO!

  1. I can’t even handle how cool you two are. Cheese hats, personalized Packers jerseys, polka dancing and animated snow graphics all in one post. Thanks for sharing the simple joys of life. 🙂

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