Ma and Pa DeKorne Visit

Every year, near the end of September, a rather amazing thing happens here in Colorado; FALL.  Yeah, I hear it happens other places as well, but there is something almost holy about the way golden aspens shimmering in the cool mountain breeze, illuminated by the bright sun, amid a backdrop of majestic rocky mountain peaks.  Colorado is without a doubt one of the best places in the world to experience the sensory euphoria known as fall.

Perhaps a piece of my deep love for fall comes from my upbringing.  Fall was celebrated every year with a mini family vacation into the mountains where we would spend a few days exploring various roads in search of the most colorful aspen groves.  So it came as little surprise (and under a bit of suspicious motives) when my parents announced they were coming to Colorado in September to “visit the newly-weds”.

Betsy and I arrived at the airport after a wild weekend (see previous post) and welcomed mom & dad to our amazing city.  They were able to spend some time with our community here and join us for our house church gathering (my moms first time!).  But a short 24 hours later, we found ourselves cruising west directly into the mountains.

It turns out this was the weekend to visit as the aspens were in their full golden glory.  The morning was mainly spent on paved roads, enjoying the spectacular views, and occasionally exploring turnoffs and photo ops.  After a delicious lunch at a roadside burger diner, we turned our rented suzuki off the beaten path and onto a rugged trail known as Georgia pass.

We discovered a beautiful turquoise lake that served as a perfect host for a friendly stone skipping competition.  Venturing further up the pass, we stumbled upon a female moose with her two young calves grazing in a meadow (this fulfilled Betsy’s long held dream of seeing a moose in the wild)!  As we crested the top of the pass, we were greeted by a large heard of mountain goats who also had a few young ones in the pack!

It was time to descend the other side of the pass, but the road was decidedly less developed.  Despite several voices of reason (thank you ladies), we forged ahead with our trusty suzuki that has little more clearance than the average car.  But the trail proved no match for our rental as we traversed rock and stream to arrive safely on the other side in the little town of Breckenridge.  Before calling it a day, we stopped in Idaho Springs for some world famous rocky mountain pizza pies from Beau Joes Pizza.

It was an amazing trip.  Thanks Mom & Dad for coming to visit the newly-weds, we loved having you.  And I hear fall in Colorado is slated to happen again next year too!


3 thoughts on “Ma and Pa DeKorne Visit

  1. To set the record straight, I don’t only come to visit just to see fall colors. Let it be known that I also will come to visit during ski season.

  2. Let’s put September 16 & 17th on the calendar for 2011? 🙂
    It was a wonderful weekend – not just in the mountains, but spending time with you two! We love you!

  3. I find it funny that after reading the first sentence I could tell Micah was the author of this post 🙂

    Glad you guys had fun with my housemates!

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