This all took place a couple of weeks ago. We had planned on going on a camping trip with the Pavlaks the upcoming weekend. We had this trip planned for 6 weeks. It was the only weekend that worked for all of us. Micah’s parents were coming in town the following weekend, Sun-Wed. We had originally planned on going camping Fri-Sun but then realized we had a friend’s wedding to go to that Sat morning so we moved the camping trip to Sat-Mon. Perfect…

The Wednesday before the wedding and camping trip we were at Micah’s cousins place here in Denver, visiting with them. They mention how they are looking forward to seeing Micah’s parents this weekend… We kindly corrected them, “No, they aren’t coming until the following weekend.” They respond “No, we just talked to your mom last night, they are flying in this Sunday.” I obviously begin to panic. How could this be? I have had this marked down on the calendar for weeks! I tell Micah to immediately call his parents and get this straightened out. He returns “Yup, they fly in THIS SUNDAY.” Okay, stay calm I think. Did I mention this is the first time that Micah’s parents have come to visit us? It’s a pretty big deal.

We get in the car to head home. “Micah, you have to call Jami and tell her we can’t go camping. I am not going to call her. I can’t do it.” So Micah calls Jami, tells her the situation and we are all still determined to make camping happen. You are probably wondering HOW? It’s not possible to get the house ready, go camping, go the wedding, and pick Micah’s parents up by Sunday morning…. Here is how it went down:

Thursday: CLEAN, grocery shop for camping trip and Parents visit, oh and pack for camping 🙂

Friday: Finish packing, Finish cleaning, hit the road for camping by noon.  Get to our campsite at Rampart Reservoir by 4pm. Enjoy the lake. Take a nap. Have dinner. Start fire. Pavlaks show up at 10pm since Greg had to work Friday. Hang out around the fire. Sleep.

Saturday: Wake up at 8am. Have breakfast. Get dressed in the outhouse. 9am drive to the Springs for Jeremy Grant’s wedding. Stop at King Soopers(grocery store)  to do our hair in the bathrooms. Classy, I know. At the wedding by 11am. Enjoy an amazing ceremony. Go the reception. Have a drink. Here the toasts. See the first dance. Greet Bride and Groom. 2pm drive an hour back to campsite. Go the lake with the Pavlaks and spend the afternoon kayaking and hanging out. Enjoy another fire together. Sleep.

Sunday: Wake up at 6am. Pack up camp. Leave by 7am. Get to Denver by 8am. Shower. Unpack car. Pick up parents at 10am.

WHEW!!! I am tired all over again writing about it! More to come on the parents’ visit. Such a good time, and relaxing!!!

Lesson learned: Lets not do that again. But it was fun 🙂 I hope you enjoy the wedding attire at the campground as much as we do!


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