Our car is fixed!

It was the starter.

My honest thought when the car broke down was excitement because we have an emergency fund. While I know that many people have this fund, Micah and I never had one until reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, and our fund was completed last month. Thus, I was excited to have an emergency and be able to pay for it! Micah reminds me that we still had to spend money on the car…

It feels good to be a somewhat responsible adult. 🙂

ps. We read the book for pre-marital counseling and recommend it to everyone. So good!


One thought on “Our car is fixed!

  1. Yeah! Glad to hear it! Also, it is very smart to be going through something like DR TMM early on in marriage. Will solve lots of problems for the future 🙂 Call me if you want to hang out sometime soon!

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