Girls Camping Trip

AKA: Women’s Empowerment Weekend!

A couple of weeks ago I went on a women’s camping trip with Anne Marie and Erika. It was a lot fun, and I felt so accomplished afterwards!! We left in the afternoon, found a campsite and began collecting wood for the fire and cutting up veggies for dinner.

I was in charge of starting the fire. I was nervous because I had never done one totally on my own. But it was a success!

Anne Marie and Erika prepared the food. We had veggies and chicken wrapped in foil and cooked in the fire.

We collected more wood so our fire would last as long as our hard cider 🙂

We sat around the fire until 11 (that’s right, the fire burned a good 6 hours folks). It was such a good girls night full of laughter and good conversation. The next day we took some quiet time in the morning and headed back to Denver. Thanks for such a fun weekend ladies!


2 thoughts on “Girls Camping Trip

  1. WHAT?! Are those socks under that girl’s sandals? It’s gracious of you to hang out with such fashion-challenged friends.

    And I think you forgot to mention that you’re a super-hero-fire-starter. You had that fire going strong in about as long as it took me to velcro my Chacos.

  2. hahaha. I also forgot to mention how we killed a bear because it was competing for out fish, skinned it, ate it, and later used its fur to stay warm. But really, this trip was a success. And Women’s Empowerment Weekend #2 will be INTENSE. 🙂 So much fun! And, I enjoy the sock/ sandal combo!

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