Neighborhood Fire

With no compelling reason to get out of bed (this morning happened to be one of Micah’s few mornings off of work) we attempted to ignore the sirens as they passed our house at 7am.  We’ve grown accustomed to hearing those sleep interrupting sounds from passing motorists as our bedroom window opens to a fairly busy street.  But the sirens this morning came one after the other, after the other, after the other (seven is our unofficial count).  In our half awake state, we thought there might have been a car accident nearby, and attempted to cling on to that elusive state of slumber.

A few hours later, we finally gave in to full consciousness and rolled out of bed.  A text from a friend, informed us that a building had caught fire near our house!  A quick glance out the window confirmed it had been really close, as our street was closed down.  A quick probe of a nearby cop informed us it was the abandoned warehouse behind the liquor store across the street.  The fire was now put out, and only the charred structure remained. Read the whole story and see the news clip here.

How did we sleep through this!  I think we need to get more rest, so we don’t miss any more neighborhood drama!


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