DeKorne Adventure

Micah has been working a ton this summer so we have not been able to go camping as much as we would like to. Our opportunity arrived when the schedule came out and we had one night, from Sunday to Monday, so we thought “why not make it an adventure?”

We gathered our camping gear, packed the car , and at 8:30pm on Sunday we headed out towards Lake Granby near Rocky Mountain National Park.  We arrived at our campsite around 11:30pm, and because of a full moon, we were able to set up camp completely by moonlight! Beautiful.

After breakfast in the morning, we headed out on the lake with our kayak and enjoyed the beautiful setting. We passed an island that was protected for Ospreys nesting. They were flying above us and we could see the babies in the nest. As we got further into the lake, we saw in the distance a storm heading our way. We decided we should turn around as we had a good distance to paddle back to our campsite. Suddenly, only minutes into our return, we were blind sided by a storm flying over the mountains from the West. The lake went from calm water to white caps in less than 60 seconds, literally. The wind was so intense!  Being in an inflatable kayak, so low to the water, the waves began to toss us around.  The wind was so strong, with waves crashing on us, we were both convinced we were going to capsize.  As panic set in I began yelling for the life vests, but Micah didn’t want us to stop paddling for fear of capsizing (we had different priorities). So we paddled as hard as we could to the protected osprey island as that was the closest land, and we just needed to get off the water. When we finally reached the islands, I was shaking for a good 10 minutes!  I can’t remember if I have ever been that scared on the water, and growing up on lakes, that says a lot. We decided we needed to document our adventure, and we will let the video tells the rest. Enjoy!

So it all concluded with a happy ending.  We didn’t drown, get attacked by ospreys, or have our keys settle at the bottom of the lake.  It just continues to provide us with a good laugh and will be one of those adventures we will never forget!

After packing up camp we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park and went to Oscar Blue’s Brewery for dinner and drinks in Longmont on our way home. Such a fun trip!


3 thoughts on “DeKorne Adventure

  1. Ha ha! Such a good post! You guys don’t have the best of luck when it comes to holding onto important items up in the mountains…..rings, keys, tents 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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