Milk Man

The other day our property manager called to let me know she was dropping off a belated wedding gift and wanted to see if I would be home. I wasn’t, so she said she would leave it in the milk box…

When talking to Micah later in the day I told him that she was dropping of a present, he was a bit surprised as well but we both thought the gesture was nice.

Micah came home before me and then picked me up from nannying around dinner. Here is how the conversation went:

Betsy: What was the gift?

Micah: I didn’t see one.

Betsy: Did you look in the milk cooler?

Micah: Yeah, there was just a bottle of Champagne.

Betsy: That is the gift! Did you bring it in?

Micah: No, I thought you put it in there for the milk man.

Betsy: Are you serious? Why would I do that?

Micah: I knew you were cleaning out the kitchen the other day and we have a lot of champagne, so I thought you decided to give one to the milk man.

Betsy: Oh My Goodness (insert lots of laughing), First of all, why would I give the champagne to the milk man? Second of all, why are you not concerned about me giving champagne to the milk man?

Micah: I guess I didn’t think it through.

One of my all time favorite conversations. Love it.


4 thoughts on “Milk Man

  1. As a sister of Micah and therefore knowing him my whole life, that is SUCH a Micah thing to do/say. Haha! I’m sure you’ll have plenty more of those moments….

  2. Seriously, Mr. Milkman – headlamp and all would have been thrilled to get that as a gift – after all, he’s up all night to deliver YOU and ME fresh right out of the cow milk! 🙂

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