Andrea’s Visit to Denver

To say its been “a while” since we have posted, is an understatment. I understand. However, in our defense, we have not had internet the last month, and blogging hasn’t been a priority from the coffee shop (my job searching has). But, TODAY, I blog. Enjoy. We are back. More EXCITING stories to be posted this week 🙂

(our guest bedroom)

My sister Andrea, Shane, and my nephew Ryan came to visit the first week of July. It was so wonderful to have her visit and spend time with them. It was our first time meeting Shane, and we loved getting to know him!

It was a very busy week. I don’t think we could have packed much more into the trip! We started out by taking Ryan to the Denver Nature and Science Museum.

After the museum Micah had to work sadly. I took Andrea, Shane, and Ryan out on the town. We decided to watch the 4th of July fireworks on Saturday the 3rd after the Rockies game since we were having a BBQ on the 4th and were doing our own fireworks.

For our 4th of July breakfast we obviously had 4th of July pancakes (red, white, and blue!).

Later that afternoon we went to a Rockies game. Ryan’s very first professional baseball game. Gotta love the $8 rockpile tickets 🙂 We live a little over a mile from the stadium so we decided to walk. It was longer than expected. Not sure if we will do it again, but we had to try! Ryan was a trooper!

We then had a BBQ with lots of Denver friends. unfortunately it rained but we still had a great time. People played horseshoes in the rain and we did fireworks despite the weather.

Our plot for the entire trip was to make Andrea and Shane fall in love with Colorado. We showed them the amenities of living in the city, our awesome community, the excitement of sports, and the family friendly nature of Denver. All that was left was the unparalleled beauty of the Rocky Mountains. After our busy 4th of July weekend we decided to go camping for 2 nights at Brainard Lake! I was convinced that after this trip, they wouldn’t be able to imagine living anywhere else 🙂

We LOVED having you here! Come back soon or MOVE here! 🙂


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