Birthday Adventure

A few weeks back, Betsy woke me up and surprised me with the news that I was going on an adventure.  My birthday was a while ago, but we had been out of town and Betsy told me she had “something” for me, but didn’t know when I was going to get it.  Well Tuesday was the day… and it had just begun!

We had an amazing pancake breakfast and afterward I was taken out to our Pathfinder to find it packed full of camping gear!  Betsy had singlehandedly gathered all the gear, food, and clothing we needed for a two day camping trip.  Pretty impressive (this happened to be her first time planning one by herself)!  She also coordinated with my manager at work so I could have two days off!

We hopped in the car and set out on our adventure.  I still did not know where we were going but my best guess was Rocky Mountain National Park since we were heading north.  But after passing a few key exits to get there, I was informed that we were not going to RMNP, in fact we were not even staying in Colorado!  We were on our way to Wyoming!  I have camped all over Colorado but never Wyoming.  I was really excited about the chance to explore a new area!

As we neared our destination, the surroundings seemed rather tame.  There were green, rolling hills and mountains in the distance, but nothing too dramatic.  Betsy admitted our destination was not her first choice and she wasn’t sure if it was going to be that great… but that’s all part of a true adventure.  After a few wrong turns, we discovered the entrance to Guernsey State Park.  The road began to wind into a canyon and reveal a beautiful reservoir within it’s walls.   We had brought our Kayak and this was looking to be a great location to spend the next few days.

We found a perfect campsite right on the water and secluded from other campers.  So we set up camp and started a fire.  And not only had Betsy packed all the right gear, but she also brought some amazing food!  I’ll let the pictures tell the story from here:

Our campsite.

We were right on the water front!

Red loved playing in the water… but wasn’t sure what to do with the waves.

I think my ladies love camping…

One of our explorations of the lakes inlets.

Our view from out tent.

Our family.

All tuckered out after our big adventure.

See all the photos here.

Thank you Elizabeth for such an amazing trip!  You gave me the best birthday present… the gift of adventure, together.  I love you!


4 thoughts on “Birthday Adventure

  1. Betsy – you rock. that’s an absolutely fantastic adventure. Great execution. again, you rock. Bones, you rock for landing a wife like Betsy.

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