The Hood

If you haven’t been to our little duplex in the hood, here’s the sitch.  We live across the street from a liquor store, overgrown property with unused trailer homes on it, basically an industrial part of town. A LOT of people walk by our house every day.  We moved here intentionally to participate in a low income community, but there has been a few incidents lately in our neighborhood. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have…(insert sarcasm)

Incident #1)

About two weeks ago a police officer came knocking on our door. He asked if we had been home the night before and had seen a hispanic male, 35-40 years old. I’m thinking, “which one?”.  The police officer then tells us that the night before, the trailers across the street were being used for storage and had been broken into, having most everything taken.  At this point, I am not that alarmed. However, I decide to ask the police officer how often robberies occur in this area of town. (I asked because Micah and I have been debating about keeping the bedroom window open at night while we sleep, cooling down our room but allowing someone easy access to our house. All of our windows face this busy street and we are about 2 feet from the sidewalk and 3 more feet to the road.) Here is how the conversation went:

Me: What do you think the likelihood of us getting robbed is?

Officer: Well, it happens.  But they usually monitor your house for a couple days to learn your schedule and then break in when you aren’t home. (In my mind I think well, thats great bc Micah and I don’t even know our schedules, they change every day!)

Me: So, Officer, is it unlikely then that we would get robbed when we are home? (Micah is wishing the conversation would end before the officer answers this)

Officer: The ones who are really experienced will come when you are home. They will have a weapon and tell you to get on the floor or some of them will tie you up and….. and he goes into a very elaborate story.

My eyes get HUGE. Micah is not so pleased. In the end I am somewhat traumatized, so we sleep with the window closed and I made Micah switch sides of the bed so he’s next to the window instead of me.

Incident #2:

Micah and I are getting ready to leave for a camping trip last tuesday and I see our landlord in our backyard. He says “hey, did you see you got tagged on the front of the house?”

Really?!  I go to the front of the house. And this is what I see:

It’s right under our bedroom window where we sleep!  I start crying. I felt really vulnerable that there were people vandalizing my home 4 feet from where I’m sleeping! Apparently the upside is that it’s “hipster tagging” rather than gang related.  We see a lot of marking around here by the Crips so it could have been worse. But I was still upset!

Incident #3:

This past Saturday night I was home alone with Red while Micah was working late. I finally went to bed around midnight, only to see police lights out side my window. Awesome. I peer out my window and see 3 squad cars across the street at the liquor store. I initially thought, only 3 cops, this should be exciting. I see a man coming out of the liquor store with his hands in the air, I can only assume the police have guns pointed in his direction. Within 3 minutes 9 more police cars arrive on the scene! Yes, that is a total of 12 police cars (actually 10 cars and 2 unmarked SUVs). They close down my street. I am now officially alarmed!  Most of the police cars have their lights off and are on foot.  It seems like they are searching for someone.  I’m pretty scared at this point and have no idea what’s going on.  About 30 minutes later the police begin to leave so I go on the porch and ask one of the officers if everything is okay.  His response, “yes, everything is fine” and and got in car and left. UMM NO, tell me what happened a-hole! Now I was mad.

My plan is to find out from the liquor store this week what happened and when I do, I will let you all know.

I love living in the inner city among the urban poor, but I’m not used to having all these shananagins go on outside my house!   We are commited to staying… as long as I can through a fit every now and then. 🙂

ps. If you ever visit Denver and need a place to stay you are always welcome at our home!!  🙂


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