Betsy, Baking, and a Birthday

To celebrate our wonderful friend Rose Starr’s birthday, Betsy planned a birthday bash for her last week.  A few hours before the party, Betsy got inspired to make a cake from scratch!  I think it’s important to note that she has never made a cake from scratch before!  So I ran to the store and picked up the ingredients for Betsy to bake with.

30 minutes later… wha-la!

Betsy created this amazing cake from scratch that contained raspberry jam swirled into the top…

Topped it off with home made frosting…

The finished masterpiece!  It turned out great, and so many people commented on how good it was!  My wife is amazing!!

To kick off the night, we played a game of spoons.  It may not the most challenging game, but it’s a blast to play with a lot of people!

Blood was shed early on in the game!

It’s a very high energy game and we had a lot of laughs!

When the larger group left, we settled down into a game of 7 up – 7 down (aka up and down the river, oh hell, etc) along with some good beer and pop-corn.  I ended up making my bid every round, but still managed to lose to Desi!

It was such a fun evening celebrating with good friends and great deserts.  Happy Birthday Rose!!


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