Otter Pops

The Starr’s always have Otter Pops at their house in the summer and I love them. I eat a lot of them when I am over there. One day Rose asks me “would you like me to pick you up a box at Costco?” Me: “YES”.

2 weeks later….

There’s a knock at the door. Who is it you ask? Its Rose with a box of Otter Pops that I had totally forgotten I asked for!! It was like Christmas. The only problem was….

I had forgotten to consult my husband about this purchase. Woops! It should be noted that we currently have a tight food budget. Micah came home and found the large box of Otter Pops on the counter. The following conversation ensued.

Micah: Why do we have a box of 250 Otter Pops?!

Me: Well I asked Rose to pick them up from Costco. Sorry I forgot to tell you.

Micah: I hope you love otter pops because you will probably be eating them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


AND because I am an over achiever, I am surpassing my quota of 3 Otter Pops a day and consuming an average of 4. If you ask nicely I might share. Someone upon hearing this story said “great, they will last all summer!”. To which I say yeah, right!.


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