“Hey love, Red smells bad.”

“We should probably give our dog a bath.”

Micah: Yeah, we can scrub her down in the tub.

Betsy: Really? Last time we hosed her down outside. Have you given her a bath in the tub before?

Micah: No, the last time we washed her was the only time I’ve ever given her a bath.

Betsy: What!? That was last summer! So you are saying that she is two years old and has only had one bath her entire life!?

Micah: Uh, yeah.

Needless to say, today Red got a bath! And it was in the tub 🙂

Red = Not happy/scared/pitiful

Micah = Time of his life

Red and Micah = Same as above.

Ahhhh, finally Red is HAPPY/clean/ smells GOOD!!

ps. I know you are probably wishing we had kids so we didn’t blog about our dog nearly every day. But you will have to get past that. 🙂


3 thoughts on ““Hey love, Red smells bad.”

  1. Awwww….hahahahahaha. Poor Red. She looks so pathetic! And yet, that’s kind of gross that she went a whole year without a bath…glad you decided to wash her 🙂 Just please tell me you scrubbed and bleached that tub afterward….

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