Great Divide Brewery

A few days ago, my friend Greg and I stopped by a local brewery here in Denver called Great Divide Brewing Co.  It wasn’t my first time visiting this brewery, but it had been a few years.  Desi and I used to stop by and just get a bunch of free beer samples… they’ve since changed their beer sample policy.

Their beer is great!  In fact, I discovered my favorite style of beer (Barley Wine) through their Old Ruffian brew.  It’s still one of my favorite barley wines.

They give guided tours of their little brewery twice daily, but we had missed those.  They were so laid back, they let us just wander the brewery on our own.  It was neat to see how they are growing – you could likely find Great Divide beer in your state.

It’s always great to enjoy a good beer with a friend, and Great Divide is one of the best places in Denver to do it!


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