Love and War

I wanted to read books on marriage before Micah and I got married, as most people do. A month before our wedding (in February) I was flying back to Denver from Chicago and while in the airport, I felt led to go to a book store and look for Love and Respect. The book store didn’t have it but I did see a book by Christian authors John and Stasi Eldredge. I have read some of their books before and I was surprised to see a new book of theirs in the airport that I have never heard of called Love & War. I picked it up, read the back and found it was about marriage! I was shocked and knew it was a God thing that I had walked into the airport book store a month before my wedding and found a Christian book on marriage. So, I bought it. And couldn’t put it down! It was seriously one of the greatest blessings for Micah and I going into marriage. Once I landed in Denver, we ordered Micah a copy that night. He has loved it too. It has been great to go over at night, igniting deep discussions.  I just finished it a couple of weeks ago and I can tell you that there isn’t a page without something highlighted or written on. I will be sharing little snippets on this blog as they come to mind. I recommend this book to any married couple or couple entering marriage. It holds great wisdom from a Godly couple who has been married over 20 years. They also just released a small group study which we are very excited about.

We will keep you updated on our reading list. Love and War is next as we were given copies as a wedding present.


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