Charlie bit me…

We live in a duplex and share a backyard with our neighbors and another duplex. One of our neighbors has a cute little puppy named Charlie. He is a rescue puppy and is quite scared of people but loves to play with our dog Red. I should also note that all of our units were just re-modeled so there is a lot of “junk” in our backyard which is finally getting cleaned up this week. The pictures below will look like two junk yard dogs fighting in a junk yard. But now you know the truth. Enjoy.

The Showdown: Scrappy Puppy Vs. Mexican Fighting Dog

“Charlie bit me”

Fierce, I know.

Red finally uses her size to an advantage.

Mutual Biting.

Red sticking out her tongue at Charlie while he is not looking. Hey, I never said she was mature.

We weren’t sure how these two sharing a backyard would work, seeing their size difference. We are pleased to know our street dogs get along and are thankful that Charlie is such a scrappy pup that usually dominates Red. They play for hours each day, running in and out of the house. It’s great. I am sure I will post more about Charlie and Red over the summer as he gets a little bigger! Maybe by the end of summer Red will have a boyfriend?


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