Picnic in the Park

Spring has arrived here in Denver.  A few snow storms may still be in our future, but the buds on the trees are undeniable proof that spring is here.

So for lunch the other day, we headed over to City Park.  It’s the largest park in Denver’s city limits and it’s only a few miles from our house.  It has a beautiful lake in the middle of the park with a path around it.  We packed a lunch, grabbed a blanket, and put Red on the leash for a little picnic in the park.

The air was cool, but the sun was warm.  We found a great spot overlooking the city skyline with the backdrop of mountains.  The lunch was a simple PB&J sandwich with an apple and some celery, but it seemed to taste especially good in that setting.

The only thing keeping us from fully relaxing, was Red being tied up to the bench next to us AND the number of dogs passing by. Red being the socialite that she is, was ever so excited to greet her new friends….by running towards them… in the process almost taking off our heads with her leash.

It was a romantic, fun date in the park. Below are some pictures.

And now time for the self timer picture. Be IMPRESSED.

PS. We LOVE Denver.


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