My life as a housewife.

I must admit, I never thought I would be married and unemployed… or have a blog post with this title. Trust me, there are no complaints from this end. After finishing Grad school last November I was anxious to get a job but was fine putting it off until the wedding. I then realized after we got married it takes a long time to get your name changed and I had decided that I would not apply for jobs until that was done, to simplify things. So I haven’t been able to do anything job wise the last month. I thought it would be difficult. BUT, it turns out I love my life as a housewife! As you can see below, the last month has been so much fun!

1) Me not having a job + Micah having a flexible job = lots of time together! We have been busy bees this month getting all moved into our duplex. Some people call it nesting. It has been such a blessing to have so much time together. We work on the house. Have game nights. Take Red to the dog park. Make breakfast together. The list goes on. Life is great. The thought of us both working 40 hour a week jobs sounds TERRIBLE. I mean I am sure its reality. So Micah and I may need to find a job at the same place 🙂 Below is a product of our nesting and wedding gifts.

2) My friend Molly invited me out to dinner a couple of weeks ago. Since I am unemployed I had to stop by Micah’s work to get a few dollars. Half way through dinner Molly’s boyfriend called and told us he had two tickets for the Nuggets game that night and wanted to see if we wanted them… Um YES! So we went to the game. Row 20, no big deal. When I told Micah I was going to the game his response via text was “thats a real trophy wife move.”

3) I take care of our “child” Red. She is high maintenance, needing a lot of love and attention, ALWAYS. The transition combined with terrible twos has made for one naughty dog. She now loves to chew things. Oh for example, things like MONEY. Yes, she has eaten dollar bills. But we still love her.

4) Last Friday Molly called and informed me that she had extra tickets to see the Black Eyed Peas, and invited Micah and I to go with her. Again, UM YES!! We ended up being in the first row in front of the stage! The pictures below show how close we were. It was so much fun!!! ahhh. Love concerts.

Ludacris opened the show! And actually was pretty talented.

Fergie… and the Black Eyed Peas

She is totally looking at me.

Now for our slightly awkward, crammed picture…

In Conclusion. I am never getting a job. Life as a housewife is simply amazing. Look at the adventures and joy in just one month! I think I could get use to this.  The End.


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