My favorite card. Micah’s favorite gift.

It has been so much fun opening gifts and reading cards from all of our friends and family from the wedding. I wish I could share all of them. So for today I leave you with these.

1) My nephew Ryan is 7 years old and loves Uncle Micah! He also knows how much Uncle Micah loves his dog Red πŸ™‚

Ryan thought of his wedding present for Uncle Micah all on his own and he was SO EXCITED according to Nana (my mom).

Now the gift…

It’s a ceramic version of Red! Identical.

I should note that Red is scared of her ceramic twin. Hence her leaning away. I was holding a treat to get this picture.

2) The Card

The Starrs are very good friends of ours, pretty much like family. Micah has known the Starr family since he moved out here. Actually, I believe Desi was the first person he met. They were also some of the first people I met when I moved here. They knew Micah and I before we started dating. Desi was the pastor of our wedding. They have four wonderful kids. Hope is the oldest, 9 years old, and has known Micah since she was 6. Hope is one of the sweetest girls I know, and her parents are a blast. LOVE THEM.

I will let the card she wrote for our wedding speak for itself…

hahahahha…. I wonder who she heard that from!? Desi???? LOVE IT. By far the best card… in my opinion πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “My favorite card. Micah’s favorite gift.

  1. HILARIOUS! Love that card! Love that the two favorite things came from kiddos who thought of them all on their own. Kids are so creative. Red is such a cutie in the pic with her twin. lol.

    • hahahaha. Well Micah and I decided we would have an ugly Christmas Sweater party for our house church Christmas party…. However, we were the only ones who actually showed up in ugly Christmas sweaters. Guess we could improve our communication skills. The Christmas tree on the sweater actually lights up!

  2. i LOVE getting to see the sweet gifts!
    so so so glad that you have started up this blog, you two. i will enjoy being a part of your lives in this way. πŸ™‚
    lots of LOVE i send your way.

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