Micah and Betsy have been seeking God’s leading in their lives with a focus to serve vulnerable women in Africa.  That journey has taken them to Uganda working with World Venture, serving Refugee women, who are survivors of sexual violence. They have been working in Uganda since 2012 and have three children; Porter, Judah and Everly.

Betsy has a Master’s Degree in International Administration from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. She focused on the impact of war on women in the Democratic Republic of Congo and international non-profit administration.

Micah is a professional videographer and photographer sharing powerful stories of empowerment and impact in Africa for non-profit organizations through his creative firm Designed4.


Stories In Grace (SING) Program

In 2015 the DeKorne’s facilitated the pilot program for the Stories in Grace curriculum with a women’s group in the refugee settlement. The program encourages and empowers women who were dealing with trauma and hopelessness through the truth of their value in Jesus. It is a program that walks through the gospel through the eyes of a women and was created by a psychologist to provide hope and healing for traumatized women.

See their work with the SING program here:

A Safe Place

Over the past few years through our relationships and experiences in the refugee settlement we learned there is a need for long term protection for highly at-risk women who continue to be attacked and targeted even after fleeing war into the refugee settlements. We’re excited to start the process of starting an NGO to provide security and hope to the most vulnerable refugee women in Southwest Uganda.


We are missionaries with World Venture, a missions organization working towards lasting impact for the good news of Christ around the world.  World Venture has been around since 1943, has over 500 missionaries in the field and works in 70 countries around the world. You can learn more about this amazing organization here.

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